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Egg Cleansing

What is egg cleansing?

Egg cleansing is an ancient spiritual healing cleansing practice. It has been known to alleviate suffering by clearing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that have a negative effect on the soul.  It is used to clear the body, mind and spirit of negativity.


It has been thought to remove bad luck, blockages, confusion, bad karma, curses and imbalances.  It helps with addictions, phobias and fears. It removes spiritual illness and helps with physical problems as well.


How to do an egg cleansing:

Use one regular chicken egg.

Light a candle and pass the egg over (above the flame) several times or
rinse with Florida water.

Prayer:  Ask Spirit to make the egg into a vessel that will vacuum/pull any dense or negative energy that you may be holding.

The egg is passed over your entire body,  starting with your head and moving down to your feet. Move the egg in a circular motion.

When you are finished, crack the egg into a glass of water. After you have "read" the egg, flush it down the toilet.  DO NOT EAT or let animals eat it.

Reading the egg: Stringy stands or bubbles or cloudy patches/webs and other discolorations (sometimes black or red) indicate that you have removed unwanted energies from your field.


Learn how to do an egg cleansing, remotely. 

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